At Shop the Cause™ we strive to accomplish two goals:  Inspire shoppers to make socially conscious choices and share the story behind world-changing products.

Each product we feature has a unique story to tell. When you purchase one of these special items, you are not only supporting an important cause, you're accepting an invitation to pass that story on.



We believe that anyone can affect positive change in the world. It doesn't require a monumental effort and you don't have to travel far.  Small, meaningful acts, such as buying a thoughtful gift for a friend, can have a significant impact. That's why our mission is to empower shoppers to make socially conscious choices that will have a global impact, one purchase at a time!


With that in mind, we are selective with the products, brands, and organizations that we recommend to our shoppers. Each product has been selected based on our core values.

If you're an organization or brand that would like to collaborate with us, we'd love to hear from you! Email us at hello@shopthecause.org

We care about products that are:


All products either support a charitable organization or champion diverse philanthropic causes.


Whether locally made or internationally sourced, products have a global impact, reaching individuals and communities in need.


Each product promotes awareness through the collective sharing of stories


We support organizations and brands that are committed to ethical sourcing, global responsibility, and fair trade.

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